Goodbye Wundernacht

Goodbye Wundernacht


Perhaps our biggest surprise so far: we’ve decided to pull the plug.

It has been a ride! In March 2015 the idea for Wundernacht came to life and a few months later we organised our very first surprise night out in Amsterdam. In July 2016 we raised our first investment. Wundernacht became our daily life and we’re very happy to see how the product has improved and the team evolved. At the moment more than 150 surprise nights out have taken place.

Unfortunately we’ve decided to pull the plug. Despite our efforts, support from friends and family, investors and very happy customers we didn’t manage to make our goals happen. In the last months we’ve succeeded to improve and simplify our product. Bookings were still coming in and reading our customers reviews even made us smile. But we also have to be realistic and at this moment we have to draw the conclusion that we’ve run out of time and money to bring our product to a new market (the tourist).

At this moment we’re still able to refund all open bookings and giftcards and have decided to close down the shop in a decent way. No surprises. Of course we’d rather let everybody experience a Wundernacht in Utrecht, Nijmegen or Amsterdam.

Many cocktails have been shaken, dinners served, bike cabs rented and tickets printed for all kind of shows. A big number of envelopes and letters has been delivered to all of our wonderful partners with who we truly loved working together.

We’re looking back at an intense but amazing time. We’ve managed to come up with an idea and developed it into a well branded service that got people excited and made them smile!

A very big thanks to all of our customers, friends, family, investors and partners.

We still believe that having a surprise night out is an amazing experience. But next time you have to ask someone else to make this happen.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Julius and Wout

Goodbye Wundernacht

Everybody with a booking planned for 2017 or a Wundernacht Giftcard has received an email and refund. In case you have any questions please send an email to